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Feedback from teachers.

"A superb assembly resource.
Exactly what a busy teacher needs" 

Dean Martin Pupil Achievement leader, Kirkburton Middle School"

"I think you are wonderful! The amount of time and effort this saves me is fantastic."
Debbie Payne Rhydygors Special School, Carmarthen

"Just used your assembly with YR 11 after mock exams and it really captured their attention." 
Louise Poole, Chailey School, Sussex

"These are fantastic, my colleague in Year 10 is already looking forward 
to using them for her Year 11 assemblies next year!"

Claire Priestley, Head of Year, Croesyceiliog School, Cwmbran

"Our school is situated in a disadvantaged community right in the middle on one of the crime hotspots of Cape Town. Some of the learners have become hardened and It was really great finding them so receptive and attentive."
Virginia Africa, Goodwood College, Cape Town.